Monday, December 15, 2014

Logo Concept Details

First, you may ask why I have made this logo and second why I use this concept. Next question/questions are:
1.       Is this logo relevant of your business?
2.       Is the logo telling detail of your business?
3.       Are your customers/clients filling Trust worthy your business by this logo?
4.       Will your clients fill interest because of this logo?
5.       Is this logo same or Have you seen this logo somewhere else?
6.       Is this logo Top Quality.
Well, here are the Details of the logo with Image and all answers;
Part -1:  what you see at First time…

Hope you understand at the first time when I use that “C” sign and that sign “C” is representing “Catalyst”.

Next is the “O”. Here O is representing the Ortho. Here is little bit difference J is not it?

Have you seen the S? Yes you have but after showing where is the “S” which is representing the “Science”

Part -2: Business and Logo

There is 3 Object;  1. “C” is a part of original object (bone holder) but The “O” (Anchor/Hook type bone) is indicating it is modified because that “O” object is connecting two elements.
(What ever I explain it doesn't matter, I am leaving this part to you...)
Part -3: The Font selection

In this portion, I have selected the Hand Written Font. The reason is simple, when we buy something we check “is that product approved by the experts or expert organization?” If that product is verified or proved, then we buy that product without any hesitation. The word “Proved” or “Verified” Often written by hand or after writing the Proved or Verified the verifier gives his/her signature. So your clients will fell hesitation free about your product. Is not it looks like “Professional”?


Whatever I have said about Catalyst is same here but with some difference. That font name is “Aller”. This font is indicating official/seriousness about your business.


I have written the “Catalyst” bigger than “OrthoScience”. The reason is simple; it is an old trick to attack clients. When the client sees the bigger font, he will come to see also the smaller font. You are thing why that or how will happen? The universal truth is “Human born with curiosity” and to catch his/her attention you just have to do something special or very simple to attract their attention to boost your business.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

How to make Avira Antivirus Logo

How to make Avira Antivirus Logo

 1. Take an Ellipse tool size: Wide: 100px and Height: 100px. Make sure that the Ellipses fill color is none and stroke color is black

2. Click Stroke and increase it up to 10pt. After increasing the stroke, it will appear like this.

3. After selecting that Ellipse, than select the line segment tool (\). Place that ling segment tool (\) in to middle of that Ellipse. Use Align Plate to place that line segment.

4. Now, select entire ellipse and line segment and go to Pathfinder then select Divide option. Than that, Ellipse will be split in to half. Now go to object and select ungroup.

5. Go to Object and select Pathfinder after that select make stroke outline option.

6. Select the half Ellipse and ungroup it if you take Fill option. Then Delete that Inner part of that Ellipse.

7. Again, click the line segment tool and take 50px line segment. Use the stroke option and increase the stroke up to 10pt

8. Take another Ellipse and this time wide 50px and height 50px. Use stroke option up to 10pt.

9. Use the Scissors tool and cut vertically anchor points of that ellipse. Now use align palate and align it vertically left of that line segment.

10. Now, joint the anchor points and rotate it in 45-degree angle. Finally use a rectangle tool and send it to back. The rectangle tool wide is 150px and height is 150px.

11. Now make that rectangle too little bit round in corner. Go Effect option and click Stylize and than click round corners up to 10px.

Easy logo is not it. Looking for more then you have to wait until my next design. :) If you have anything to say about this matter then ask me.